Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does my company need team building?

Team building is about improving the way people communicate, both individually and as a group, to help them work together more efficiently.

2. Budgets are tight. Is team building something that I can justify?

Team building pays off in many ways. In a challenging economic environment your team needs to be upbeat and productive. Being part of a fulfilling team is important to every employee. People are more productive and positive towards their work. Rock the Stars can do this and more through an engaging team building activity that elevates a company’s most valuable assets. Its people.

3. Why is Rock the Stars the best team building option for my company?

Rock the Stars events deliver an incredible return on investment. Our events will motivate your staff. We will inspire your group to work efficiently, to respect each other and to take pride in their accomplishments. And we will do all this using proven team-building techniques that feel like rewards. Plus, Rock the Stars can double as after dinner entertainment for your companies meeting or gala.

4. What kind of experience does Rock the Stars have?

Rock the Stars is now in its second decade of operation. We have facilitated over 300 successful events, involving 25,000 participants. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups and include associations and not-for-profits. Rock the Stars facilitators are trained and experienced musicians and educators.

5. We tried karaoke with our group and it didn’t work. Will Rock the Stars be any different?

Now don’t get us wrong. We love karaoke. It is a great way to get some kicks and pass some time. But ultimately karaoke is a pretty solitary adventure, just one person and a mic. Rock the Stars is about bonding with your team in your new roles as band members.

6. How much time is required for a session?

Rock the Stars programs can take as little as 2 hours, although larger groups may require more time. Let us know how much time you have and we can customize our program to suit your group.

7. How big or small a group is required?

Our current programs have entertained groups from 8 to 300. Programs can be customized for larger or smaller groups.

8. I have no musical ability. Is musical talent or experience required?

Absolutely not! Rock the Stars facilitators understand that most people have never had any musical training. We make learning music fun and easy. The rehearsal part of a U-Rock event only takes an hour and by the end of that hour your group will be performing a real rock song, on real instruments without any professional assistance.

9. Many people on my team are kind of shy? Can you organize something for them to do while we are doing our Rock the Stars program?

Shy people will enjoy this activity as much as anyone. There are no observers in a Rock the Stars program, but no one ever gets singled out. Everything is done as a group, and there is a role for everyone. The shy people feel very comfortable at the back of the stage, behind the drum kit or keyboard. Everyone gets to participate.

10. I would like to give my event a theme. Can Rock the Stars do this?

Absolutely. The most common themes are “Idol”, “Talent Show”, and “Battle of the Bands”. We have also done country, sixties, disco and Hawaiian themes. There is no limit to what is possible.

11. My team includes French speakers. Can they be accommodated?

Yes. Many Rock the Stars instructors are bi-lingual. For Lyric Writing programs we encourage participants to write in any, or as many languages as they wish. And for U-Rock events, lyrics in either official language can be provided.

12. How can I become a Rock the Stars facilitator?

Rock the Stars facilitators are all experienced music instructors and performers. Applicants must have patience, enthusiasm and confidence . Multi-instrumentalists and bi-lingual applicants are preferred. Must be comfortable moderating the tasks of a large team. Must be confident orchestrating the performance of a large group. Interested applicants should email a detailed CV to Due to high volume, only qualified applicants will be responded to.